Vickers and Associates has a wide variety of contacts for venture capitol and direct lending in the financial world. These contacts are more than willing to review any feasible business plan and then work with that party to establish a viable business.


Matt and former Prime Minister Brian Mulrouney

Vickers and Associates is dedicated to working with individuals, groups, First Nations and corporations who desire, and are willing to work hard in achieving success. We have worked with numerous individuals, First Nations and corporations in the area of improving operations through conducting organizational reviews and recommending required changes for improvement.

We also encourage, support and recommend joint venture partnerships for people who have a vision but lack experience.

The key is to find a joint venture partner with the required experience to ensure success for all parties concerned.


Matt Vickers diversified working experience began in 1972 with a wide and varied background from the fishing industry, carpentry, private business, federal government, First Nations government and multinational corporations has given him a wealth of knowledge to share. Matt's personal healing journey is also another passion of his that he shares openly and willingly to all who wish to listen and learn.

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